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We collaborate with our clients to really understand their goals, we then help them achieve those goals by producing forward thinking solutions, which grow with their business.

Somerset Website and App Design Company

B Plus Plus is an App and Web design company, based in 3178418155, Somerset, operating around the South West of England. Over the last few years we have gone from a startup company, helping turn local business's and entrepreneurs ideas into (951) 392-0895, to a company that has written  websites and apps, who's users include the MOD, Scotland Yard, Shell Oil, and Coca-Cola. 

Our team are friendly, professional, and specialise in creating forward thinking, high performance, 5012719730. The products we produce are built with cutting-edge development tools but they are perfected on the solid, collaborative relationship we forge with our clients. 

If you're looking for a forward thinking business, which is at the forefront of the latest technological advancements in app development and web design, which will work with you throughout the entire evolution of your project, then get in touch and start your (413) 540-6231 or (954) 354-9527 project with us today. 

If you can think it, we can code it.

Our team's expertise spans a wealth of areas that cover web and app design; if you've got an idea for a project, we'd love to be involved!

Our Core Services

An array of mobile devices, representing the mobile app design projects we develop

Mobile App Design

Take your business to the palms of their hands! We provide mobile app design services for IOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

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Image of a cloud with cogs, represents the cloud system development we offer - this includes mobile app design and website design services.

Cloud Systems

Streamline your business processes using the cloud. Connect with your clients through mobile apps, websites and software. Anywhere in the world!

Visualization of a web design being constructed, represents the web design service we offer to our clients.

Web Design

We provide web designs in all shapes and sizes, from jaw-dropping brochure websites to intelligent, bespoke web services.

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Visualization of an API, represents the bespoke APIs that we produce, which form the backbone of our mobile app design and web design projects.

Secure API Development

Bespoke APIs which provide a secured access point for your data to be consumed by both internal & external services, i.e. internal mobile apps, or selling/providing access to your data.

Database schema visualisation, represents the database design service we offer - these databases power the back-end of our mobile apps & websites.

Database Design

Scalable, reliable database design which keeps your data safe and always available.

Lots of question marks, represents the IT consultancy services we offer.

IT Consultation

Our team has a wealth of experience evaluating business processes, and proposing solutions which make considerable time & cost savings.

Our favourite Mobile App & Web design tools.

mongoDB, a database technology we use to build mobile apps, bespoke websites, and bespoke web applications.
AngularJS, a javascript framework we use to build the front-end element of the bespoke mobile apps and web applications we build.
MySQL, a relational database technology which we use extensively to build content management websites, and bespoke applications.
PhalconPHP, a PHP web application framework. We use PhalconPHP to write the server-side layer of our PHP bespoke websites and mobile apps.
nodeJS, a server-side JavaScript environment based on Google's V8 engine. We use nodeJS to build the bespoke APIs which feed, and accept data from our mobile and web applications.
MariaDB, a relational database technology - based on the popular MySQL technology. We use MariaDB for some of our relational database based web applications.
PostgreSQL, a relational database technology. We often use PostgreSQL as the database technology to power our bespoke geospatial web and mobile apps.
ReactJS, a front-end view library published by Facebook. We use ReactJS for our website and web app design projects. We also use React Native for mobile app design projects.
Cordova, a cross platform mobile app building technology. We have used Cordova for many of our mobile app design projects, both enterprise and for the public market.
Bootstrap, a front-end design framework built by Twitter. We use bootstrap as the base design component for most of our website design and mobile app design projects.
MODX, a content management system designed to make building applications easier. We use MODX to build an array of web applications, from content management websites to enterprise intranet systems - MODX is a versatile tool, our team includes a number of MODX experts.
PHP, a server-side programming language used for building back-end systems. We have extensive experience using PHP for bespoke web design projects and for creating APIs to feed our mobile app design projects.
Nginx, a scalable, event-driven web server technology which we use to power our mobile app design and web design projects.
Leafletjs logo, we use leafletjs to power the front-end of some of our geospatial website and mobile app design projects
Adobe creative cloud logo, we use Adobe creative cloud to power the design behind our mobile apps and websites.
React Native, facebooks answer to cross platform mobile development. We use React Native to power the front-end of our mobile app design projects.
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